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Vision Exam

At our office, eye care is more than a routine exam. State of the art computerized instrumentation is utilized to provide the best possible vision analysis and earliest detection of ocular disease. The doctors spends ample time getting to know each patient and their particular eye care needs. A discussion of all lens options, (spectacles and contacts) as well as laser vision correction are incorporated into each consultation.


Each patient is carefully checked for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. A dialated retinal exam is a standard part of the routine evaluation of a new patient as well as an iwellness (OCT) scan and retinal imaging. as well as a computerized visual field analysis and retinal photos to meet and exceed the highest standard of care. These extra steps are taken to gain valuable information and to aid in the diagnosis of ocular disease, often before it can be seen clinically. The use of advanced technology helps us meet and exceed the highest standard of care. 

Ocular Disease

At Eyes on Regent square, we provide ongoing management of ocular disease such as dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Through long established relationships with specialty providers in the Pittsburgh area, surgical and additional medical services are arranged through our office to assure patients have the most complete coordinated care. Our doctors are credentialed providers with most regional medical plans to allow patients access to both vision and medical services in one convenient location. 

Ocular Trauma and Emergency Care

Same day appointments are available for emergency treatment of corneal abrasion, foreign body, conjunctivitis, new floaters and flashing lights or other eye injuries.  

In House Lab

Our office features a fully functioning lens finishing lab to assure patients that the highest quality and utmost care are delivered with every pair of eyeglasses in the most expedient manner possible. With this capability we are able to offer "while you wait" lens finishing services. 

Contact Lens

We offer our patients all available soft, gas permeable, hybrid and scleral lens designs. With you, we choose the lens that's best for your lifestyle while providing optimal vision correction.  We have had much experience and great success with all types of bifocal contact lenses, including the latest single use disposable lenses. We fit medically necessary contacts for conditions such as kerataconus, corneal ectasia, post transplant and post refractive surgery. All new patients are given free trial contact lenses to assure their optimal comfort and success. 

Refractive & Cataract Surgery

Drs. Kamons and Massucci provide preoperative consultation, recommendation and post operative care for LASIK, PRK, Intacts, CLE and all other refractive surgeries. Their many years of experience with co management make them uniquely qualified to help match patients with the right procedure and the right surgeon to assure the best outcome.


The doctors at Eyes On Regent Square also provide consultation, recommendation and co management for standard and premium refractive cataract surgery. With multiple outcomes to chose from, (distance, near, monovision, multifocal and astigmatism correcting), they take the time necessary to help patients make the right selection for their desired outcome. 

Eyewear Design

Eyes on Regent Square carries the latest designs in quality eyewear in all colors and shapes to fit any budget. Inventory is constantly being updated and more than 20 companies are represented. In addition to the frames we carry, we can special order frames to meet a particular request at no obligation to the patient. We offer all the newest lens options available in the industry including the new 1.74 Ultra Thin lens design for more near sighted patients. Super anti-reflective coatings now carry a two year "no questions asked" warranty and are much lower maintenance. Customized digitally surfaced progressive lenses are recommended most often to our multifocal lens wearers because of their superior optical quality and ease of use. A free, in office demonstration is always available for those making the tough decision regarding which type of spectacle lens is best for their needs. Learn more about eyewear materials and options using the above links. Also, please visit our links page for additional information about our eyewear vendors.